Our instructors are incredible, and they would love to work with you directly!


If you would like to schedule a virtual meeting with an instructor, simply contact your yearbook rep. Your rep will be happy to schedule a meeting with an instructor of your choice. There are several instructors available for consultations. Below are three who teach at Yearbook EXPO annually.


Consultations are $50 per hour. Your yearbook rep will guide you through the process of paying for the consultations. 


Carrie Faust, MJE, got her start in yearbooking in 1987 when her cross country coach - also the yearbook adviser - said, “Girl, you have got to get over your shyness and start meeting people!” Now, 30 years later, looks like that plan worked out more than they could have ever imagined!


Today, known for her energy and enthusiasm, Carrie advises the Smoky Hill Summit yearbook, NEXT feature magazine, SmokyNow.com online news, and teaches at yearbook workshops and journalism conferences across the country every year. A former JEA Board Member, Carrie was one of JEA’s Rising Stars in 2008, a Distinguished Adviser in 2009, the Colorado Journalism Teacher of the Year in 2011, a JEA Medal of Merit honoree in 2013, a CSPA Gold Key recipient in 2017, and an NSPA Pioneer in 2018. The Summit yearbook has been honored nationally by NSPA and CSPA 17 times in the last 15 years.


Her girls, Carter (19) and Campbell (17), have followed in Carrie’s yerdy footsteps as the Editor-in-Chief of yearbook and visual marketer for student leadership. The Fausts LOVE yearbook!


Jonah is a professional photographer, graphic designer and former yearbook adviser of his Gold Crown-winning yearbook program at Mount Paran Christian north of Atlanta. He has taught photography and design classes at Georgia Yearbook EXPO for nearly ten years and serves as the lead instructor for the Extended Photography block. If you want to polish your photography skills, learn how to use your cameras, or talk shop about your photography equipment, Jonah is the consultant for you.



Mike Simons, MJE, is the adviser of the award-winning Tesserae yearbook at Corning-Painted Post High School in upstate New York. Known for his high-energy style, engaging presentations, and an ability to meet yearbook staffs where they are and support their ongoing growth, Mike is passionate about all things yearbook and student journalism. His staffs have won multiple CSPA Gold Crowns and NSPA Pacemakers in the past few years: Tesserae is known for its sophisticated theme development and design; strong journalistic coverage, including topics ranging from politics to climate change to student mental health; and for its ongoing excellence in digital content, with dozens of videos on YouTube each year, an active social media presence at Instagram (@tesseraeybk), as well as its website, tesseraeybk.com
     While theme development and photography are areas of particular focus, Mike can work with your staff this summer on everything from staff organization and communication tools to coverage plans and reimagining ladders and workflow, and much more. As we think about our 2020-2021 books and uncertainties about back-to-school and how we yearbook in the fall, now is a great time to plan, imagine, and ask, "what if...?"  Mike can meet with advisers and small groups of editors or staff decision-makers in July and August in hour-long Zoom or Google Meet sessions, and can set up a series of meetings with your staff to dive deep into planning and preparation for the year ahead!